Mission and vision

Mission of Graphic Art House with its offer is to meet all the market requirements aimed at optimal production digital printing. We want our loyal customer network to continue count on our genuine partnership, support and readiness to fully understand their business goals and barriers to be crossed.

Our vision is to be the leading partner to graphic communication markets in Kosovo and Albania for production digital print Xerox solutions (EQ and consumables sales, authorized service provider).

Sales services

Xerox consumables

Our warehouse has always enough stock including consumables and reserve equipment parts which enables us to react quickly at short notice and showcase our reliability and flexibility regardless if it is on weeknights or on weekends

Our clients really appreciate our efforts to find quick solutions without wasting time

Professional and industrial equipment

Our sales team is always ready to help you find the best equipment to meet your business needs. 

Once you are set with the equipment, rest assured that we will have our professional team install it and configure it to your satisfaction


Professional services

Printer Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is something we take pride on, allday, everyday.

Selling you the right equipment is one thing, but protecting your investment and ensuring it is working as efficiently as possible, is something we are specialized and committed to deliver

Our specialized team brings to the table more than 70 years of experience put together between them.

It is our ultimate goal to deliver a five star service so you can focus on your priorities

Printer Servicing

We know exactly what the problem is as soon as we see it. Our experts are able to diagnose the problems very fast because of their proven experience and know-how

Customer experiences are very important for us because we want the customers to enjoy our efficient service due to our experience so that they can get back to work on their projects as soon as possible. After all nobody likes to wait because every minute lost costs our customers

Our clients stay with us for a long time because they trust us, they have received a good service from us, they are satisfied, they see no need to go elsewhere because all their problems and issues have been solved every time